The ESZVA2N & ESZVA3P detachable heads with neon light (ESZVA2N only) shows when the system is calling for heat and is simple to replace, with no need to drain down. The actuator is designed to suit both 22mm and 28mm and fit directly onto the valve body used by the market leader, and similar type bodies, with the two supplied screws - making it a quick-fit direct replacement for most households.


These valves offer outstanding performance and high reliability to the user. Suitable for all domestic circumstances as well as light commercial applications.


The ESZVA22N actuator and the ESZVA3P offer the consumer and installer peace of mind and are focused on value, quality and simplicity, offering an economical and durable solution for households.


Actuator head

  •  A direct replacement for the market leader
  • Neon indicator to show when the system is calling for heat
  • Quiet operation, minimum power
  • Spring return action
  • Manual lever for filling/draining the system
  • Complete with detachable lead
  • Industry standard wiring colours
  • Quick and easy to install

View and download the ESZVA2N & ESZVA3P technical sheet here


View and download the ESZVA2N & ESZVA3P instructions here



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