5 series wireless programmable room thermostat

The ESRTP5RF is our Next Generation 5 Series Programmable Room Thermostat. It is designed for time and temperature control of your heating and comes with 7 day, 5/2 or 24 hour programming options all in one unit with a factory-set programme which can be user modified.


The simple click on/off backplate is designed to be fully interchangeable throughout the entire 5 and 6 Series range and, with just a 5 volt connection, can be upgraded to different versions safely by the homeowner without disconnecting the power or re-wiring. The new unit will simply click on to the existing backplate and be ready to use – it really is as simple as that. This gives the homeowner full control and flexibility to interchange between any of the 5 and 6 Series Room Thermostats with no need for an electrician.


Users can choose between TPI and Delayed Start energy saving features and select a landlord service interval for additional peace of mind. The ESRTP5RF uses 868Mhz 2 way technology for accurate and responsive communication and an easy retrofit solution.

  • 5 & 6 Series Interchangable Backplate
  • Wireless 868Mhz 2 way technology
  • Delayed Start & TPI Technology
  • 7 day, 5/2 day or 24 hour programming options
  • Pre-set built in programme
  • Select either 4 or 6 time and temperature events
  • Automatic BST/GMT 1 hour time change
  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • Holiday Mode
  • Flush or surface mounted

View and download the ESRTP5RF technical sheet here


View and download the ESRTP5RF instructions here