Single cylinder thermostat

The ESCTTP immersion thermostat has a liquid filled temperature probe and is designed to be inserted into a well in a cylinder. This ensures highly responsive temperature control.


This thermostat is suitable for a ½” BSP/100mm pocket and designed for the control of any application which requires accurate immersion sensing, for example in unvented hot water systems. It has an adjustment range of 0-90°C and has SPDT contacts making it suitable for the control of all types of motorised valves.


ESCTTP is a control thermostat with tamperproof internal adjustment.

  • Suitable for lagged and non-insulated cylinders
  • Bimetallic sensor ensures accurate hot water temperature control
  • Wide temperature range
  • Simple user operation
  • Tamperproof with wide temperature range
  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • 3 year warranty

View and download the ESCTTP technical sheet here


View and download the ESCTTP instructions here



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